Why Babies are Afraid of Vacuum Cleaners?

If you have a baby, you are probably well acquainted with their distaste of loud noises from vacuum cleaner. But have you ever wondered why vacuum cleaners are so frightening to them? Find out the reason, and what you can do to help your little one through this by reading this guide.

What Causes Babies to Fear Vacuum Cleaners?

Babies are afraid of vacuum cleaners because many babies see these appliances as adults and think that the vacuum cleaners are deadly, right? Babies believe that these vacuum cleaners are some dangerous machines, they’ll take their lives whenever they come across one! That’s why they look afraid of vacuum cleaners.

How To Stop Your Baby from Crying When You Use the Vacuum?

Keep your babies close whenever you’re vacuuming your home. Baby-proof your home at all times, so your baby will not be able to run or hide whenever he or she is afraid of the vacuum. If possible, put your baby in a playpen while you’re vacuuming. There are many toys that you can find to purchase that will keep your infants from crying.

If you stay close to your baby and let him/her see the vacuum cleaners in a regular manner, your baby will be less fearful. Keep your baby’s play area clean and free from any objects or toys (that you do not wish to allow your baby to play with).

5 Tips to Calm Your Baby’s Fears of Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some tips on how to calm your baby’s fear of vacuum cleaners:

  1. Try talking to your baby – Talk to your baby about how you are going to vacuum. Tell your baby about how you’ll vacuum, and show them the vacuum in advance. Show them what parts of the vacuum will touch the floor and where they can run. The more information you give to your baby ahead of time, the less likely they’ll be afraid of the vacuum! …
  2. Don’t vacuum when your baby is awake – your baby needs to fall asleep when they’re vacuumed. Vacuum cleaners emit sounds, so your baby might be startled by it.
  3. Explain how the vacuum won’t hurt them – Your baby might not understand that the vacuum is gentle. Reassure them that the vacuum won’t hurt them. If your baby seems scared, sit them near the vacuum to make it less dangerous.
  4. Show them the vacuum in action – Vacuum cleaners are technologically advanced, so show them how it works. This will make them feel more comfortable.
  5. Using pleasant, low-pitched voices – Your baby might hear you vacuuming and be afraid. Be as soothing as possible and try to keep your voice to a low, calm tone.

Babies can be afraid of the vacuum for a variety of reasons. Some babies may be afraid of the noise, especially if they’re familiar with loud noises, like vacuum cleaners. Other babies may be afraid of the vacuum itself. Either way, it’s important that you reassure your baby that the vacuum won’t hurt them. Good luck!

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