Top 10 Reasons Why Your Vacuum is Hard to Push and How to Fix Them

Maybe you’re a little lazy right now, or maybe your vacuum cleaner is not as new and reliable as it once was. Regardless of the circumstances, you likely realize that pushing your vacuum around can be difficult sometimes. In fact, some people have even been known to “hitch” their vacuum up onto furniture in order to move it! But don’t worry! You’re not alone in having a hard time with your vacuum. There are 10 common reasons why this might happen and here’s how to fix them.

1. The Belt Is Broken

The belt that runs around the crank shaft is the power source for the motor. If the belt gets worn down, the motor won’t spin and your vacuum won’t pick up much dirt. To fix this, make sure you’re checking the belt every time you vacuum, and replace it when it wears out.

2. The Vacuum is Too Heavy

You might notice that some vacuums seem heavier than others. This is because they have big bags that act as extra weight. Vacuum bags can weigh up to 30 pounds! If you do not want to stress yourself out whenever you’re vacuuming, switch to a bagless vacuum. These vacuums have smaller bags and use a lot more power, so they’re easier to push.

3. Low Quality Material on the Bottom of the Vacuum

Some vacuums come with a set of brushes on the bottom that, over time, will wear out and need to be replaced. The brushes are attached by small pieces that can break off and get lost. This can ruin the vacuum. Always make sure you replace the brushes as soon as they wear out, so you do not need to buy a new vacuum.

4. The Suction Doesn’t Work Well or the Brush Doesn’t Turn

if the suction is weak, most of the time it’s because the bag needs to be emptied or the motor needs to be replaced. If the brush doesn’t turn, the part probably needs to be tightened.

5. The Brush Roller Doesn’t Turn Freely Anymore

The brush roller is the motor on your vacuum. It rotates and brushes your carpet to loosen dirt. If your vacuum brush roller becomes damaged or dirty, it will seize up, possibly making vacuuming more difficult. To fix this, simply clean or replace the brush roller.

6. The Vacuum is Muddier

Vacuum machines can pick up pet hair (especially cat hair), crumbs, and anything else that’s on the floor. But all that debris can clog up your vacuum. A good trick is to swap to a different hose attachment when you’re vacuuming up the floor. That way, you’ll always end up with cleaner carpets.

7. There is Too Much Clutter in the Room

Vacuuming is not always about getting rid of dirt. Sometimes, you might have a lot of paper or clutter in the room. This condition will make your vacuum work much harder than usual. Just get rid of all the clutter and vacuum like normal.

8. There’s a Blockage in the Hose or Attachment Tube

If you can’t get to your floor because the attachment tube or hose is blocked by something, you have to fix the problem. If you bend the attachment tube or hose, it might fix the problem, but sometimes the hose or tube might become damaged and can’t be fixed. In that case, replace with a new one.

9. The Filter Needs Replacing

The filter is very important for keeping the vacuum in good condition. It stops the dirt from getting inside the vacuum, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Filters need to be replaced after a certain amount of time. An air filter can clog up, or it might not work properly if it’s not attached properly or isn’t getting cleaned enough. Replacing the filter can fix these problems.

10. The Hose is Loose or Misplace

The hose should be attached tightly to the canister. If it’s not attached tightly, it could loosen over time. If this happens, you might have to buy a new one.

if your vacuum is working less than it’s supposed to, you might have to replace some of the parts. The filter might need to be replaced and the dust cup may need to be cleaned. If the hose isn’t attached properly, it could loosen over time. If this happens, you might need to buy a new hose. if these four problems occur, your vacuum will likely get hard to push. Luckily, fixing these problems is relatively easy and only takes a few minutes.

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