Should You Buy a Vacuum Cleaner or an Air Purifier?

Vacuum cleaners make life easier, they are quick and do the job well. But what’s more important for your health is an air purifier. Air purifiers have some special features that no other household appliance can offer. They filter out small particles of dust that cause many allergies, combine with humidity to produce some toxic mold spores or even contaminate our room air with some dangerous gases.

Vacuum cleaners are handheld devices which are moved around by our hands while air purifiers usually stay in one spot so it is possible to spread them throughout a room without changing their place every time. Moreover, it is possible to connect them into the ventilation system of a house or an apartment and get clean air from every room without any extra effort.

The other big advantage of an air purifier is that its filters can be easily washed, but vacuum cleaners can’t do this, so you will have to replace the filter very often if it accumulates lots of dust in a short time.

But there’s also a downside about an air purifier: while a vacuum cleaner looks nice and fits all kinds of decoration styles for a classic interior design, an air purification device isn’t always beautiful which means that you’ll have to put it somewhere where nobody sees it.

In conclusion, we’d better buy an air purifier because it does more than a vacuum cleaner and it also filters the air in two different ways in order to keep us safe from any kind of worldwide influence.

Here are some tips that can help you find an air purifier that will meet all your needs:

  • look through our online catalog to see what’s available on the market;
  • don’t forget to check the price, size, form factor and warranty period so you’ll be sure about your purchase;
  • think whether it is necessary for you at this moment or not because if you have allergies once per year it’s not worth buying an expensive device yet.
  • finally pay attention to our customer reviews, they contain lots of useful information left by previous purchasers who ordered here on our website.

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