Compare Shark vs Dyson – Which One is Best For You?

Shark vs DysonWhen you are in the market to purchase a good quality vacuum for your home, you will become confused between shark and Dyson. There are always battle shark vs Dyson because both of the brands are really impressive to provide good quality cleaning service.

Therefore, this has become a common problem to select either Dyson or shark for buying and cleaning your home.

Shark vacuum is always providing you varicose models when you can’t resist yourself watching and considering the Dyson vacuums.

There are lots of vacuums in the market that you should consider and compare before you want to purchase.

A Brief Comparison of Shark vs Dyson

In order to draw a good and decision making conclusion, we are here to compare the shark vs Dyson vacuum and the companies. Therefore, you can make an easy decision in order to go with any of the brand. However, you will need to give full focus on our content because we have prepared it.

Shark vs Dyson – Companies and Market Share

Shark Dyson
Company Logo Shark-logo Dyson-Logo
Employees 600 4500
Share market  Estimated $1.2 billion Estimated market share: 25%, based on the 2012 reports.
Turnover in 2014 Estimated market share: 20%, according to Forbes Estimated $8 billion
History profile Euro Pro is a 100 year old company, but Shark started just 30 years ago, in 1985. Just 20 years of history took Dyson to become a titan among the moguls of this industry.
Brand popularity 5% 15%
Euro-Pro operates Shark brand for the vacuum cleaner devices that is very popular in the United States.

However, they have also gained a small portion of the market in Australia and Europe. Basically, Euro-Pro is a telemarketing company and Sitel is the main advertising providers of them.

However, the market capture done by the Dyson Company is widely spread than the Shark. Recently, Dyson has launched a new slogan “Twice the suction” that has gone against the marketing campaign just before launching the new vacuum Rotator Powered Lift-Away. As a result, Shark has taken a legal action for the slogan and negative advertising lines.

Shark has started its business 30 years ago while, Dyson started 20 years ago. Euro Pro the leading founder of the Shark brand has a more than 100 years of marketing experience. They have a healthy turn round of $1.2 billion while Dyson has $8 billion turnover.

Shark is a small company, towards the Dyson because this has only 600 employees in different fields. However, the Dyson is currently working with 4,500 members to boost the performance and increase the sales of the company.

According to the statistical data and share market of the companies, Shark has almost 20 percent market share, where, 25% is estimated for the Dyson. However, the brand popularity of the Dyson is higher, nearly 15%, and Shark has only 5%.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vs Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vs Dyson DC65 – Top of The Line Uprights

Do you want to buy the best upright vacuum for cleaning home? Then, we have picked one Shark and two Dyson vacuums in our top picks. Let’s have a better comparison.

Dyson is really providing a different looking vacuum to the market, that is quite good towards the customers. With the high quality vacuum cleaners, they provide 7 years of warranty that is really impressive.

While Dyson is offering washable filtration system along with different attachments, the Shark vacuums provide allergy free system. However, the suction power loses against the Shark Rotator powered life away device.

While Dyson is providing 180W and 245W suction power, the Rotator offers 270AW suction power. Moreover, the weight is quite lighter than other two devices too. In addition, the normal people will love to have the perfect vacuum because of having a flexible budget line. The Dyson are required additional $200 plus budget to purchase.

So, Shark-1- Dyson 0

Shark Rocket TruePet vs Dyson DC59 Motorhead vs Shark Rotator (SV1112) – Cordless & Lightweight

Do you want to buy a cordless and lightweight vacuum cleaner? This is the most stumbled case for the people because this is really hard to decide. However, many of the people do not understand the quality and differences of cordless vacuum.

The term of using the battery will reduce the suction power as the time goes. No matter the brand is using Li-Ion or other rechargeable batteries; it will lose the suction power after every 15 to 20 minutes of use.

Dyson Motorhead model goes well because this provides almost 24 to 30 minute backup time for cleaning. Moreover, this will take only 4 hours or less in order to get full power. On the other hand, shark Rotator is a good option that will offer you 20 minute backup at full suction power. However, you can easily the time of the machine by using different levels of speeds very easily.

Therefore, Dyson wins in the race against both of the vacuums of the Shark brand because of the performance level, good backup and quick recharge. However, the Rocket TruePet will provide you 5 years of warranty, while Dyson offers only 2 years of warranty.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NR96) vs Dyson Cinetic vs Dsyon DC47 – Canisters

There is no space for the Shark if you want to buy a good canister vacuum. Dyson has always a good space where it provides the best service than other brands. Moreover, there are different types of models available with various price ranges.

The Shark canister will provide you only 140AW to 160AW suction power to the users. However, the Dyson models will provide 270AW and 170AW suction power. Therefore, both of the models beat the Shark in the suction power field.

The weight of the Shark canister is 22 lbs while the Dyson models are respectively 15.7 lbs and 13.8 lbs. as a result, this is really easy to pick up and work whenever you want. Moreover, this will make the portable option and easy to carry to another room. Therefore, the first one is beaten again to the Dyson model!

Dyson vs shark battle also goes to the preference to the canister masters because they are providing 5 years of warranty. On the other hand, another brand only offers 1 year limited warranty that is not expected and preferred by the customers.

Moreover, the Dyson canister vacuum cleaners beat Shark canister vacuum models very easily. It’s no matter you are using the Rotator or any other model, the DC52 and DC47 is enough to beat the models.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II vs Dyson Dc58 – Handhelds

Things are different for the handheld vacuums in the market. When you want to buy a handheld vacuum, there are many things that you will need to consider. Weight, price, capability are some of the things that you will need to consider.

The second version of the Cordless Pet Perfect is a better option to the users. The price seems to be cheaper model than the Dyson handheld option. However, the suction power of the Dyson is really impressive with 100AW at boost power level.

If you consider the attachments given with the handhelds, the Shark goes ahead to the Dyson model. Things are really closed between the two handheld models but the warranty period boost the DR59 model too much.

Two year warranty than one year is really a good choice in order to provide you a good strategy.


Dyson won the battle of shark vs Dyson in 2014. However, things are changing rapidly in the attachments and technology system. As a result, the winning percentage is increasing for the Shark vacuum side because of its rapid changes. The design, suction power improvement and battery power has boosted the brand than the Dyson. Still, there are some of the models where you will get a good idea about the models. The “verses” phrase really can’t be suitable for both of the vacuum brands because the competition and rating differs on basis on models.

We have tried our best in order to point out the best brand for vacuums in different angles. However, this is really hard to define any particular brand. We have picked the best vacuums in the field of upright, lightweight & cordless and handheld models to draw a comparison model.

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