How To Replace a Vacuum Cleaner Belt

How To Replace a Vacuum Cleaner BeltToday many people are always looking for vacuum cleaners that are small and handy because if you have a two story house then it is a huge task hauling it upstairs and then bringing it downstairs everyday.

So in such a case the canister vacuum is well known throughout the world of vacuums as being handy and light weight.

Dyson is a well known brand in such cases.

The good thing about it is that Dyson vacuum belt replacements can be done when it is broken.

How To Do Dyson Vacuum Belt Replacements?

If you have broken your Dyson belt, then you can either go to the shop that you bought the vacuum from to buy and replace the belt. A good idea would be to find a good Internet resource with tutorials listed on how to do Dyson vacuum belt replacements.

There are even Internet resources telling you how to replace the belt according to the version or the model of your vacuum cleaner. However, if you are not a technical sort of person who fixes electronics equipment, we would suggest you should take it to an expert.

We have heard from several people who have tried to meddle to fix the belt by themselves and ended up destroying the vacuum cleaner instead of fixing it. Besides that, do good research on the belts that are compatible with your version of Dyson. Several companies have warranties and they replace and fix the vacuum cleaner so you might want to go and check with the store before purchasing a belt and fixing it.

Dyson vacuum belt replacements can be done at home all by you and you can find several good Internet resources giving tutorials for replacement. This will save you some money and each time your vacuum is broken you don’t have to go to the shop and spend money for fixing it. It is very easy to do at home all by yourself.

How To Replace Hoover Vacuum Belts

If you have a Hoover vacuum cleaner and its belt is either broken or has stopped working and you want to fix it yourself, then you need to know the right resource to answer the question, how to replace Hoover vacuum belts? Getting started, find the right belt for your vacuum model and move on to dismantling your vacuum cleaner.

The first step is to unscrew the agitator brush and the bottom plate. There are a number of screws that you will have to unscrew to do that. As soon as you remove all the screws, the brush will itself slide out. Be sure to note the direction in which it has slide out since you will need to put it back.

For the next step, take a look at the cover over the adjustment height handle. Here you have to unscrew a total of five screws. Now take your new belt and pass it through the gap and around the agitator brush’s driving cog that you can now see.

After that, put your agitator brush back into the loop. When you are putting the agitator brush back, the belt should be in place on the teeth of the brush. Once you have pushed the brush back into place, screw back the cover and the bottom plate and voila! You have the new belt successfully in place.

I hope the question, how to replace the Hoover vacuum belts has been answered and now you can actually fix the broken belt in your vacuum yourself. If you still haven’t gotten the hang of it then you need to go and find the right person who can show you how to do it. It is not a difficult task and once you have actually seen someone do it, you can do it at home yourself whenever the need arises.

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