How To Clean Your Apartment Before Moving Out?

Moving takes a lot of energy to accomplish. Even if you hire professional movers, there’s still a lot of work left for you to do. After packing up everything and making sure you haven’t forgotten anything, you can be a little bit exhausted.

But one of the important things you need to do is to clean your apartment before moving out. It’s important because a clean apartment greatly increases the chance of getting your security deposit back. And in case you need a landlord recommendation, you can rest assured that you will get one.

You should leave your home clean and tidy / a person washing hand above the sink

Easily clean your apartment before moving out

Cleaning an entire apartment can be tiresome. Especially if you live in a big apartment. But with a few tips and tricks, you will be able to quickly and easily clean your apartment before moving out.

First, you should read some informative tips about the moving process. Not only will it make your moving easier but you will also get an insight into how the moving process works. After you’ve familiarized yourself with it, you can start gathering cleaning supplies.

You will be cleaning your whole apartment, so the list can get a little long. But not to worry, everything has its purpose. Some of the items on the list will be:

  • Oven cleaning spray
  • All-purpose cleaning spray
  • Window cleaner
  • Disinfecting spray
  • A few sponges and rags
  • Some old newspaper or paper towels

Cleaning your kitchen

The kitchen will probably be the hardest place to clean. So you should start with it. Start by cleaning your oven and stove. First, make sure that it’s turned off and unplugged.

Read the instructions on the cleaning spray. Some cleaning chemicals are strong and require you to wear protective gloves. Put some old newspapers at the bottom of the stove to prevent cleaning fluid dripping on the floor.

Apply the cleaning spray evenly inside the oven and over the stove. Let it sit for a little while before you start scrubbing. You can use ice scraper or something similar to remove the burnt carbon from inside the oven. After that, take a sponge and start scrubbing. After you’re done, give it another go with a damp cloth. When cleaning the stove make sure you use the abrasive side of the sponge.

Cleaning your kitchen

Cleaning kitchen can be very time consuming/ alt a women cleaning kitchen

After that, use an all-purpose cleaning spray and a rag to clean all the kitchen surfaces and drawers. Spray the cleaning spray and the surface and gently wipe it off. Clean everything as if you are doing it for yourself.

Cleaning the refrigerator

Cleaning the fridge takes a little bit longer. So make sure you know the exact time your movers will arrive. You will want to use your fridge for as long as possible. Your moving company probably has an article on what’s to know before moving home on their website. You can find some great tips and tricks on how to survive without a fridge before moving. Make sure you find it as it will help you a lot.

Cleaning the refrigerator

You should start by removing all the food from your fridge. You will be turning it off and you don’t want the food to spoil inside. Leave the fridge unplugged for at least a day. That should be enough time for it to defrost. That time can vary, so make sure you checked that it’s ice-free and close to room temperature.

After all of the ice has melted, use a rag or a sponge with soapy water to clean the interior. Make sure you also clean the rubber door seal as a lot of dirt can be stuck there. Pull out all the shelves and clean them with soap and water. You can leave them outside for some time to dry.


The bathroom might sometimes have some hard to reach places. But other than that it should be pretty easy to clean. You will need to clean the floor, walls and maybe even the ceiling. So it might be a good idea to use a mop or something similar for those hard to reach places.

Cleaning your Bathroom

Use gloves when you clean your bathroom /  a person cleaning toilet with gloves

Get your hands on an all-purpose cleaner and a damp rag or a sponge. Clean all the surfaces and the walls of the bathroom. Bathroom paint is usually water resistant and shouldn’t be damaged by cleaning. Just don’t press too hard. Gently wipe it. You will have a bit harder time cleaning the shower cabin or a tub. It will require a little harder scrubbing.

Cleaning the bedroom and living room

When cleaning living spaces it’s a good idea to start at the top and move towards the bottom. If you clean the carpet first, it can easily get dirty from all the dust falling from higher places.

Start by cleaning the ceiling. Dust it and clean it with a dry rag if needed. Move on to other high places in the room. Wipe the dust off the closet. Don’t worry if it falls on the floor. You will be cleaning it later anyway.

Cleaning the bedroom

After you are done with the dust you can move on to the surfaces. Get an all-purpose cleaner and a wet rag or a sponge. Spray some of the cleaning liquid and wipe it with a piece of cloth. Watch out not to scrub the walls as the paint can easily peel off or discolor.

When it comes to cleaning the rugs and carpets you need to asses the state they are in. If they are only full of dust and dirt, a vacuum cleaner can do the trick. If not, you might need to wipe it with soapy water and an abrasive sponge. You can clean the floor with a cleaning solution and a mop.

Last move before you move

You should leave the floors and carpets for last. Moving requires a lot of moving around. And you can’t expect your movers to take off their shoes every time they come back for another box.

By hiring a good moving company you can minimize the damage. Good moving companies take good care of your apartment and try to make as little mess as possible. That way you can just vacuum the floors one more time before you leave your old apartment.

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