Can You Vacuum Your PC?

YES, YOU CAN! Actually, it’s a good idea since it will help to keep the dust out of your computer and its internal components. The idea is that you vacuum the external surfaces of your computer and electronics.

Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can do it yourself for much less or even free

Let’s do it!

To vacuum your computer you need a vacuum, and you need to do it right. A good vacuum cleaner will suck the dust-up, but you have to vacuum it in the right way. This will ensure that all the dust goes into the vacuum, and none of it will get back into your computer.

What You Will Need

In addition to the air, you’ll need a canister vacuum, a couple of tools, a dustpan, a dust brush, a cleaning solution, a cleaning rag, a cleaning spray, and a good vacuum cleaner.

How to Vacuum your Computer

Step 1:  Take the vacuum to the external surfaces of your computer and vacuum it. You can vacuum the side of the case, the top of the case, the side of the monitor, and the top of the monitor.

Step 2: After you vacuum, wipe down the computer and the electronics to remove any dust.

Step 3: Close up the case, and wipe down the inside of the case.

Step 4: Vacuum again, and wipe down the inside of the case again.

Step 5: Put the case back on the computer, and you’re done.

Safety Tips to Vacuum Your PC

  • Don’t try to vacuum your computer while it’s running.
  • Don’t try to vacuum a laptop. (PC only)
  • Don’t try to vacuum the computer while it’s on a desk.

If you have a canister vacuum, make sure you clean the filter and replace it when you change the bag. If you are using compressed air, and you have a canister that you can use, make sure that it has a “reversing” valve. That way, you can switch the canister from compressed air to a vacuum source. This will save you a lot of frustration.

How Often You Should Vacuum?

You should vacuum your computer every six months. Clean your keyboard, mouse, monitor, and computer case as well. Do it more often if you notice a lot of dust.

Make sure that your computer and electronics are clean. Cleaning them up with a regular vacuum will prevent dust from building up inside them. You can use a regular vacuum, a canister vacuum, a brush vacuum, or a portable vacuum.

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